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Dylan has worked for many Mechanical & Electrical companies across the UK and has a keen personal interest in this sector, having worked as a motor mechanic for three years after leaving school and is a self-proclaimed car fanatic. He has worked for JAGUAR LAND ROVER, FORTEM, F.E.S., TOYOTA, SPIE, MULTITECH SITE SERVICES and many other companies across the UK.

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The principal aim of our annual safety conference is to reinforce the message to our personnel that their health and safety is of paramount importance and to actively encourage them to consider what they risk if they fail to take their safety seriously. Dylan's very authentic and relatable speaking style, along with his passionate message that his mission is to prevent others from suffering the same experience helped us to get this message across in a very powerful way.



I have worked in this industry since 1995 and attended dozens of H&S days where I honestly felt this was just an arse covering exercise by the companies I work for at the time. When I set off from Glasgow this morning I couldn't see any reason for thinking any differently but wasn't prepared for what you were about to say. Without doubt the most enlightening presentation I have ever heard at one of these days. As much as I was gutted listening to your story it was something I could listen to all day. I have always tried to do things safely on site and have been lucky enough to work for some good companies but today through your honesty I have come away with a fresher approach to it.



After speaking to our guys like myself we thought that the impact of Dylan's presentation hit home as it was coming straight from Dylan's own unfortunate accident and not just sitting watching a video. It showed how far and long the impact of an accident is, so hopefully it got through to the guys that safety matters at all times.


SPIE, 30/07/19

Good morning Jonathan. On behalf of myself and the CVD ops on site, I would like to thank you and Dylan for such a hard hitting and informative meeting on our safety. To have someone come and tell you how it really is and how many people - family, friends and work colleagues and more are affected by his accident really makes you take notice. Heartbreaking is how we all felt. Very few safety talks have the effect of keeping the guys talking about it after it has finished but this one did and for me that says it all. We came out and spoke about it for at least half an hour amongst ourselves and that is a rarity. We all took something from Dylan's personal tragedy and we would like to thank him for that. It cannot be easy reliving that day again and again for the benefit of others but it worked for us. A great talk and thank you and Dylan for taking the time to talk to us and hopefully it will prevent something like this happening to one of us. Yours Sincerely, Dave.



Just watched you present for Qsc at FA3. I have been a Safety Professional for 10 years and your presentation was the best in person delivery I have seen.



Dylan, I wanted to thank you for the excellent, hard hitting and thought provoking talk you recently did for my team in Bolton. You really are an inspiration! If anyone is looking for someone who can make a real difference, challenge behaviours, apathy and how others view health and safety, then I would highly recommend Dylan. The talk is about Dylan's workplace accident, how and why it happened, the impact on him, his loved ones, and his then workplace. It is very rare to meet someone who is such a positive role model.



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