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Dylan Skelhorn worked as a Solid Fuel Heating Engineer for a small firm who specialised in Chimney work and Roofing where most of his work was at height. In June 2011 he was deployed to service a chimney. While standing on the chimney stack it collapsed and Dylan fell from 33 feet, landing on a brick wall and sustaining severe multiple injuries.

He broke his pelvis, ribs and punctured a lung. Dylan takes a cocktail of drugs everyday to help control his pain and hasn't been able to return to physical work since the incident.

Dylan has the opportunity to tell his profoundly sad story from the heart with the aim of preventing these kinds of incidents happening to others. His story is a harsh reminder to those in all industries and at every level that unfortunately these incidents are still happening today.


Since starting the business in June 2014 Dylan has worked for many companies including the Pharmaceutical Industry, Chemicals, Power, Defence, Aerospace, Security and mostly the Construction Industry. He has worked for multi billion pound turnover companies and much smaller companies.

He is able to present at your company from as little as 10 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes (but longer if required) with a projected presentation and props or with just a toolbox talk and is also mobile enough to present on site.

Dylan has presented all over the UK and Ireland and is also prepared to travel internationally as well as nationally to present his story. He talks about his life before his accident, the accident itself and the after-effects of it on him, his family, friends and work colleagues and the daily struggles he now endures after being forced to work unsafely by his ex employer. 

Safety Ambassador for the No Falls Foundation

Dylan Skelhorn is now also a Safety Ambassador for the No Falls Foundation.

no falls foundation


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