Gareth Patrick - Planet Partitioning - 09/02/18

"I was at the Civic Centre yesterday afternoon and had the pleasure of listening to your talk. I was the first one to get up and shake your hand. I was emotionally touched by your story and it really hit home, I think all of our fitters and staff would really benefit from your talk."

Carole Halfacre - Bespoke Safety Solutions - 08/02/18

"It was good to meet you today at the Willmott Dixon site. Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm sure you will have hit a chord with some of the guys and as you said if it avoids just one having an accident that's great."

Derek Jackson - Morgan SindaLl Group - 24/01/18

"I can't thank you enough for the fantastic motivation speech you delivered at our Southampton project to our site operatives and staff.

I have had some great feedback from some of those who have listened to your personal story and how this has influenced their right to be safe at work and to go home to their love ones."

Callum MacKenzie - Clarke Telecom - 02/01/18

"I have worked in this industry since 1995 and attended dozens of H&S days where I honestly felt this was just an arse covering exercise by the companies I work for at the time. When I set off from Glasgow this morning I couldn't see any reason for thinking any differently but wasn't prepared for what you were about to say. Without doubt the most enlightening presentation I have ever heard at one of these days. As much as I was gutted listening to your story it was something I could listen to all day. I have always tried to do things safely on site and have been lucky enough to work for some good companies but today through your honesty I have come away with a fresher approach to it."

Pat Noble - Kier Group - 09/01/18

"Firstly thank you so much for yesterday, I know that people sitting in front of me were nodding in agreement to what you said. Also when I've asked around today what people thought of the day you were mentioned several times."

Ian Whittaker - Willmott Dixon - 01/01/18

"The talk you delivered was of the highest standard, very well received and very emotional. To see the work force with tears in their eyes just shows how much you touched them and will no doubt make a difference to the general decisions they make in the future with regards to how they approach H&S and life in general."

Chris Walter - Willmott Dixon

"Was really good to meet you yesterday. I thought the day was great and it certainly makes you think. I will definitely be requesting that you come and visit our site in London as it is such an eye opener. It is something that everyone involved on site can benefit and learn from. On site and off site."

Guy Scilly - Multitech Site Services - 02/01/18

"The principal aim of our annual safety conference is to reinforce the message to our personnel that their health and safety is of paramount importance and to actively encourage them to consider what they risk if they fail to take their safety seriously. Dylan's very authentic and relatable speaking style, along with his passionate message that his mission is to prevent others from suffering the same experience helped us to get this message across in a very powerful way."

Danielle Bilcock - Willmott Dixon - 01/01/18

"Incredible guy! So glad I got to see his presentation, such an eye opener! Keep doing what you're doing Dylan Skelhorn, great work."

Nicholas David - Willmott Dixon - 08/12/17

"Because of you and your talk and your experiences you may have stopped me doing something stupid in the future and ending up in a similar position to you and for that I sincerely thank you."

Peter Marsh - Kier Group - 26/10/17

"All the lads I spoke to today, as a normal part of the engagement, said that you have thrown a completely different light on the way they view H&S and their own responisbility so you do make a big diference. Serveral stopped me and our construction manager to say how important they thought it was and how well you put it across in a language they can relate to."

Brain Hanlon - Willmott Dixon - 30/07/17

"We have had excellent feedback from our guys and supply chain. Your chat with them made them think about H&S and what occurs after an accident. Your journey shocked a number of them! Some comments back from our guys on site are as follows;

  • I will not start work if I don't think what I am doing is safe!
  • I will take 5 to check that what I am doing is safe!
  • Dylan is an inspiration and he really tells it as it is. We need to hear this side of the accident!
  • Your health is more important than the money!"

Jodie Follet - Jehu Group - 14/09/17

"I think everyone in that room yesterday was touched by Dylan's story - hopefully it has made people think differently about the choices they make on site regarding their approach to H&S."

Susan Marie Debnam - TMD Friction UK - CMIOSH

"After almost 20 years in the EHS industry, Dylan's very open, honest presentation was a very real reminder about the devastating and emotional effects of an accident on not only the individual but the ripple effect on family, friends, colleagues, paramedics etc. Dylan's Story is a reminder and the real reason that everyone is entitled to a caring operational leadership, with good prefessional EHS support."

Michael C - National Grid

"Just wanted to say how powerful and inspirational your talk was today. I am a safety professional for National Grid, it will be my focus to make sure your "gut feeling" thoughts are carried out."

John Saddington - Willmott Dixon - 14/12/15

Dylan's presentation was moving, very impressed how he has moved on and can talk about his accident.He is an inspiration."

Andrew Easthope - Willmott Dixon Interiors - 14/12/15

"Good to have Dylan as a speaker giving a true life situation to behaviours of his and the consequences of his own accident."

Daniel O'Carrol - Willmott Dixon - 29/07/15

"Made me more aware of safety"

Chris H - Willmott Dixon - 29/07/15

"It brought home how an accident on site could affect your life."

C. Flynn - Willmott Dixon

"Powerful Speech, really hit home."

Michael Levelle - Willmott Dixon

"Very well spoken, excellent speaker. I can relate to it all."

Kieran Walsh - Willmott Dixon - 29/07/15

"Big wake up call. It made me stop and think a bit more.It was 100 times better seeing it first hand rather than watching a video and you can actually ask questions."

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